Are there charges when I withdraw or transact business with my card?

N20 flat fee (or as directed by CBN) will be charged as commission for cash withdrawals made on firstbank ATMs while N75 flat fee will be charged for cash withdrawals made on non-firstbank ATMs. However, other transactions may attract the standard charges for ATM, POS or web

Can I have my dividend paid directly into my bank account?

Yes, you should either contact First registrars or complete a mandate form obtainable from the Registrars office or through download from our website

Can I use my card when abroad?

The VISA and MasterCard variants of the card will be available soon. The variants will allow the usage of the card outside Nigeria on any channel where VISA or MasterCard logo is accepted.

Can I withdraw money from the ATM or use my card on other transaction channels?

Yes, you can withdraw cash from firstbank and non-FirstBank ATMs and also use the card on POS/Web where you see the verve logo.

Do I need a bank account before I can use the card?

No, you do not need a bank account to use your FirstDividend Plus Prepaid Card, it is a prepaid card that guarantees financial inclusion.

How can I find out how many shares I hold?

You can determine the number of shares you hold by adding up all your share certificates and holdings in CSCS, referring to your recent dividend warrant, or by contacting First Registrars.

How do I obtain the card?

Simply visit or any of our offices to obtain the FirstDividend Card Activation form. Completed form should be duly signed and returned to us with all the requirements listed on the form

I have found an old uncashed dividend warrant. What can I do?

dividend warrants are currently valid for six months from the date of payment. After this time you should return any uncashed warrant to First Registrars for revalidation free of charge.

I have not received my dividend. What should I do?

Please contact the Registrar immediately either in writing or in person.

I receive multiple sets of Annual Reports/Accounts. Why is this and what should I do?

If shares are bought at different times, the registration details given to the Registrar may differ slightly on each occasion. This can result in the Registrar opening additional shareholder accounts for you. If the names are the same, Please write to the Registrar requesting us to consolidate or merge your shareholder accounts. Note to indicate the various account numbers and your signature must be duly signed.

If my dividend is less than N1, 000 how can I withdraw it from the ATM?

Simply walk into any FirstBank branch to load additional money into your card to round it off to N1,000 or the nearest thousand, then go to the ATM to withdraw it all e.g if your dividend amount is N225, simply load N795 into your card at any firstbank branch, then go to the ATM to withdraw N1,000

More Benefits
  • 1. Dividend Cash Out 24/7
  • 2. EMV Compliant
  • 3. No Bank account required
  • 4. Access and monitor your dividend with ease
My dividend warrant is out of date and is now invalid. What should I do?

Please contact the Registrar to have it revalidated. Please note that dividend warrants are valid for six months from the date of issue.


You can use your FirstDividend Plus Prepaid Card to make online purchases and transacctions such as; NEPA Bill, DSTV Bill, Airtime Purchase, Air Ticketing Payment etc where the Verve card is accepted.

To activate your card for web transactions visit

What are dividends?

Dividends are payments out of operating profits by a company to shareholders and are paid net of withholding tax(Currently 10%). It may be paid once a year (final dividend) or twice a year (interim & final dividend). We have however, seen cases when dividend are paid three times. (1st Interim, 2nd Interim & Final).

What are the key rights of a shareholder?

Shareholders have the right to receive dividends (if payable), to receive key company information (such as Annual Reports /Accounts), to attend Annual General Meetings or Extra-ordinary General Meetings and to Vote and be voted for on certain affairs
of the company.

What do I do if I need to change my address?

What do I do if I need to change my address?
You should notify First Registrars in writing of both your old and new address and, if possible your share account number; alternatively you can download a change of address form from our website:

What happens if I lose my card or it is damaged?

You need to contact FirstBank, FirstContact or FirstRegistrars so we can block your card, then you will need to request for a re-issue.

What happens if I lose my dividend warrant?

If you lose your dividend warrant you should contact First Registrars as soon as possible, confirming where payment has been lost. We will arrange for the warrant to be stopped and issue you with a duplicate free of charge. However, upon recovery you are expected to return the original one to the Registrar.

What is FirstDividend Plus Prepaid Card?

FirstDividend Plus Prepaid Card is a premium prepaid card issued to shareholders into which dividend amounts due to them are credited directly on the payable date. Shareholders can also load additional money into their card for future transactions and safe keeping. No more unclaimed dividends as you can claim all your dividends right away even without a bank account. It is our commitment to reducing unclaimed dividends.

What is meant by ‘Ex dividend’ and ‘Cum dividend’?

Prior to announcing year-end results of companies, dates are set out for the Closure of Register of members for the purpose of payment of dividend and issue of scrip popularly known as ‘Bonus’. These dates will determine the qualification for dividends and scrips.

Hence, “cum div” or “cum scrip” means purchases before the Closure of Register will be entitled to all the benefits payable on the investment while “ex div” or “ex scrip”means purchases made after the entitlements were declared.

Conversely, if you sell your shares before the Closure of Register, you sold so to say “cum div” and “cum scrip” and hence you will not enjoy the dividend or scrip to be issued at the coming AGM. The reverse is the case when you sell your share “Ex div” and Ex Scrip”

What is the transaction limit on the FirstDividend Plus Prepaid Card?

The upper limit amount that can be on the card at any point in time is N250,000 (to increase your limits, kindly complete our indemnity form). However the daily transaction limits and frequency are below:




ATM N100,000 5
POS N100,000 5
WEB N100,000 5