Prior to the incorporation of First Registrars as a limited company, the company operated as a unit in First Bank of Nigeria Plc, offering Share Register Administration Services for well over 30 years to Corporate Bodies and State Governments.

Following the re-structuring in the Bank, the Registrars Unit was incorporated as “FIRST REGISTRARS NIGERIA LIMITED” in May, 1999 as an independent company.


First Registrars Nigeria Limited remained a wholly owned subsidiary of First Bank of Nigeria Plc until December 2012 when a resolution was passed at the Court-Ordered-Meeting that FirstBank should divest its entire holdings from First Registrars in line with the CBN directives. Consequently upon this, a new Board of Directors took over the company while retaining its competent Management team under the leadership of Bayo Olugbemi (FCIB, FICMR).

Again, in 2015, the ever evolving First Registrars Nigeria Limited reinforced its market leadership by unveiling a new identity with an increased service portfolio to become FIRST REGISTRARS AND INVESTOR SERVICES LIMITED.